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Copperplate Practice Pad - Uppercase Letters

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7.5x10.5" notepad with traceable letters, instructional letter breakdowns, and extra pages for your practice. We will begin with the basic strokes, letterform, practice names, and phrases!

These portable pads were thoughtfully created to help you build muscle memory and take your calligraphy to the next level! Perfect for those who are just getting into calligraphy or seasoned calligraphers who desire to refine their script.

Designed by Younghae and locally printed here in Southern California, USA ❤️



This 50 page workbook includes:

-40 Traceable pages - We will start with the essential basic strokes and then move onto each uppercase letter (Every stroke was handwritten using nib & ink before digitizing them!).
-4 Traceable lines
-Instructional arrows
-My personal notes & tips to help guide you through each letter
-Exemplar page
-Troubleshooting Tips
-Extra guide sheets for your practice


These pads work best and have been tested with sumi, gouache, vermillion ink. However, due to a variety of inks out there, you may experience slight bleeding depending on the ink.

Optional - Place a sheet of translucent paper over each page (Borden & Riley Marker Paper or Canson Pro Layout are good options). That will help preserve the pages so you can use them again too!

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