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*New* Cursive Practice Workbooks

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart" - William Wordsworth

Join me on my mission to keep cursive alive! I'm thrilled to pass down my love for penmanship through these extensive self study cursive workbooks. With ample traceable sheets, personal notes, exemplars, practice letters, words, and numbers.. these can be enjoyed through all generations. Begin today with our lowercase and uppercase workbooks.

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    "Still struggling with getting consistent descenders as well as the letters e, s, y and x. The digital workbooks have really helped with the muscle memory. Will definitely continue to use them" - Jasmin

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    "I love these practice pads, the paper is smooth and a nice weight. I like the fact that the sample is right there on the page and you don’t have look back and forth from book to paper to book. Love it!" -Luce

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    "I’ve tried my fair share of cursive workbooks, and this one is by far the best out there! From the explanation, to the recommendations of paper and how to do each stroke. I truly love this workbook and will be using it for a long time! Totally recommend!" -Gustavo

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    "It's my personal opinion that your workbooks are the tops of the line as to the very best available to a serious, beginning student of pointed pen. I will recommend it to my students exclusively. It is an excellent resource." -Angela W

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Designed by yours truly in collaboration with Artisaire, add the finishing touches to your next invitation with this "be our guest" wax seal!

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