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Copperplate Practice Pads


Digital Practice Workbooks


It's my personal opinion that your workbooks are the tops of the line as to the very best available to a serious, beginning student of pointed pen. I will recommend it to my students exclusively. It is an excellent resource.

Angela Welch @angelarwelch_penandpauper

I am absolutely raptured over your Copperplate Practice Pads! My gosh, where have these been all my life?! I carefully removed the first practice page of 'a' and very lightly, with a pencil, started tracing over and over just the first few (I don't want to ruin them). I can't tell you how happy I am to finally learn how to correctly shape my letters! As a fellow leftie, thank you so much for creating these - what a happy day!


Younghae, I follow your example by writing slow, deliberate, trying to perfect the ovals, each form...These pads are brilliant. I use them to this very day, even ordered them before I took your online class. Guys, get them! Highly recommend!

Elna Smith @ahavacalligraphy

I learned Copperplate by myself with the help of YouTube and other free resources. But my letters were wonky and didn't have consistency. I bought your pads and they have changed my game. My letters are SOOO MUCH BETTER now than 6 months ago. Thank you for making these 🥰❤️❤️

Elly @elly.makes.it


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