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Welcome to my shop! Here you will find curated supplies to help you along in your calligraphy journey.

  • Copperplate Practice Workbooks

    These downloadable practice sheets contain 4 traceable lines, instructional arrows, my personal notes, exemplar page, and extra guidesheets for you to build up that muscle memory. Get started today with our Lowercase, Uppercase, and Numbers/Symbols practice workbooks.

    "Still struggling with getting consistent descenders as well as the letters e, s, y and x. The digital workbooks have really helped with the muscle memory. Will definitely continue to use them" - Jasmin

  • Cursive Practice Workbooks

    "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart" - William Wordsworth

    I'm thrilled to offer this 75 page lowercase practice workbook to promote and pass my love for cursive! With this extensive self study workbook, now anyone can learn the beauty of cursive handwriting.

Copperplate Practice Pads

Featuring our best selling practice pads since 2016! Thoughtfully created and designed, these pads contain traceable letters, instructional notes, troubleshooting tips, exemplar page, and extra guidesheets. Perfect for those who are just getting into calligraphy or seasoned calligraphers who want to refine their script!

"It's my personal opinion that your workbooks are the tops of the line as to the very best available to a serious, beginning student of pointed pen. I will recommend it to my students exclusively. It is an excellent resource." - Angela W


"Be Our Guest"

Designed by yours truly, these wax seals can be added to your memorable events to make a lasting impression!

Photo by Artisaire