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Digital Spencerian Practice Workbook - Lowercase Letters


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My *NEW* Spencerian practice workbook is finally here!! 🎉❤️

Spencerian script was developed by Platt Rogers Spencer (November 7, 1800- May 16, 1864) which grew in popularity in the 19th and early 20th century. I personally fell in love with this script because of its delicate and romantic look. With less pen lifts and more fluid movement, this script can be used for all types of celebrations and correspondence!

This 50 page practice workbook was thoughtfully created to help you not only understand the break down of each Spencerian lowercase letter, but have endless opportunities to trace and build up that muscle memory.

    My hope is that you will take this time to slow down and enjoy the process of learning this beautiful script. Enjoy!

    *Note - this is a digital product and a PDF will be emailed upon purchase. No physical item will be shipped.


    This 50 page workbook includes:

    -40 Traceable pages - We will start with the essential basic strokes and then move onto each lowercase letter (Every stroke was handwritten using nib & ink before digitizing them!).
    -4 Traceable lines
    -Instructional arrows
    -My personal notes & tips to help guide you through each letter
    -Exemplar page
    -Troubleshooting Tips
    -Extra guide sheets for your practice


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