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Sumi Ink Dropper Set

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Introducing our gold trimmed dropper bottle set! ✨

Dropper bottles are a must in my book! They are so useful for filling up my dinky dips and as I use dropper bottles everyday in my practice, I am excited to offer this set for your collection. This beautiful and functional set includes:

  • 1oz black frosted dropper bottle - Filled with my favorite sumi ink
  • 1oz white frosted dropper bottle - This will be empty so you can fill it with distilled water. *Note - Distilled water is recommended to minimize rusting on your nib or mold from growing in your ink. I always keep water nearby to dilute my ink, when I work with watercolor/Finetec, or to clean my nibs afterwards. If you don't have distilled water, you can use any purified/filtered water.




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